Week 3 Overview

This week we will be exploring online tutorials and creating a sketch, wire-frame model etc. for a tutorial.  By creating a storyboard or wire-frame model will help you to plan out your thoughts and ideas for your tutorial.  I have a background in audio and video production and in teaching for the Art Institute of Pittsburgh students often find creating a sketch or a storyboard not being useful until they actually create them.  Creating one helps you plan and organize your thoughts in a way that makes it easier to put together a tutorial.  It allows you to plan out all of the different elements that you want to communicate to your audience.

One thing that I find that is useful to do is to start be creating a short outline of the major elements that you would like to cover.  This helps you to put your thoughts down before you begin.  Another thing would be to determine what you would like for someone to learn at the end of the tutorial.  We do not have time to create a tutorial this week, but if you are currently thinking about a tutorial or working on a project please use that for creating your storyboard or wireframe model.  You are more than welcome to use a past idea that you would like to improve.