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Week 2 Overview

Week 2 Overview

This week we will be exploring both RSS Feeds and Social Bookmarking.  You can use the  links to the blogs of the other people taking the class to get to them easily.  Subscribing to the RSS/Atom feed is slightly different depending on the Feed reader that you have selected to use for the class.  What you will need to do essentially is to add a link to the feed.  To find the link you will want to look for something called Entries RSS, Atom/RSS, Follow etc.  To get the link for the course blog you want to select the link called Entries RSS.

This should work well for WordPress, Blooger, and TypePad.  Every blog is slightly different on how they work.  I was looking at weebly and did not see an obvious link to the feed.  I took a look at the code for Adam’s blog because I have not subscribed to a weebly blog before.  If you would like to subscribe to his blog you will want to use the following link  I may have missed seeing a link on the blog.  If there is a link within webly please let me know.

The second assignment will allow us to explore social bookmarking websites.  After exploring various options you will want select one that you would like to use.  After selecting a social bookmarking website, I recommend adding a link to it some place on your blog or in your post for this week.  This will make it easy for you to get to your bookmarks in the future.

Recap Week1

I have added the links to the blogs that people have created to the navigation in the right hand column.  If you have not yet had the chance to send me your link could you please do so when you have a free moment.  With people using a variety of different blogs it will give us a chance to explore and talk about our experiences in using our blogs over the next few weeks.

To help us learn more about the features of the blogs, I have commented on everyone’s first post so we can learn more about using the blogs.  Most blogging software gives you the ability to have comments posted immediately or you can have the held for moderation (this may be called something different depending on the blog that you are using).  One thing that will help us all learn more about the features of the blogs is to comment on the posts of two or three other blogs that people have created for the course.  This will help us create a discussion and learn from each other each week.

The blog that we created during the first week will be used to document and explore what we will be doing and talking about each week.  It is your space to explore different ideas and thoughts along the way.  Once the course is overall it will allow you to have a a record of what we have done that you can refer back to in the future.

Week 1 Introduction

Welcome to the first week of the class.  The main goal for the first week is to explore different blogging software and to select one that you will use for your blog for the class.  After creating your blog could you please send me the url/link to your blog by commenting to this post or sending me an email with it.

When looking at different blogging software think about how you could use it as an individual or with a group of people.  I have just provided links to four different types of blogs in the Schedule; However, there are several others available.

I look forward to working with everyone over the next few weeks.  Please note that we will not be meeting during the week starting on Monday, November 3rd.  I will be out of town at a conference this week.