Recap Week 2

This week we continued with our exploration of blogs with taking a look at feed readers.  In reading through what people have written several of us used Google Reader in the past and where disappointed when it was discontinued.  I found it to work very well for me and it allowed to be to keep my feeds organized in a way that allowed me to read items in a way that was very convenient.  When looking at alternatives, I chose to use Digg as my replacement and it has been working ok for me.

Between everyone we have selected a variety of different feed readers to use.  This will allow us to learn about several different ones from other people.  Depending on the experiences that people have with the reader that they have selected, I may choose to use a different reader in a few weeks.  By using a feed reader it will make it easier for us to keep track of each others blogs in one place instead of needing to go to several places to learn what other people have written.

Delicious is the most popular social booking tool among everyone.  I have used delicious in the past and still have an account, but I ended up coming across netvouz and found it to meet my needs.  In reading through what people have written most everyone uses a tool that allows them to keep track of their own bookmarks in a way that works out for them.  I do the same thing using netvouz to keep track of different websites that I have come across that I have found useful.  From a personal stand point I do not share or search other peoples bookmarks.