Recap Week 3

Regardless of how you create a storyboard it is about being able to layout your thoughts and ideas before working on your tutorial.  It you are creating a video tutorial it allows for you to think about the script in relationship to the visual elements that will be appearing on the screen.  This will help you to flush out your ideas that will help communicate what you want to get across to your audience.  As someone mentioned in their blog less is more.  This is very good point to consider no matter what medium your tutorial will take shape in.

If you are creating an interactive piece you want to consider the different elements that you want people to accomplish and consider the background information that a person may need to know to accomplish a task.  By laying out the main points that you want to cover will help you to communicate your message to your target audience.  If you are creating an audio or vide piece writing a script is very important and a storyboard will help you out in your ideas.  A script is also important because it will make the content available to people that may have a hearing impairment.

In looking at the storyboards that people have created they have all focused on creating a video tutorial.  In creating tutorials please do not forgot about other great tutorials that have already been created that talks about important elements that you may want to communicate to your audience.  There maybe a tutorial that already exists that will meet your needs.