More Mashup Information

Hopefully everyone is having a good week and enjoying learning more about mashups and creating them.  I just wanted to take a moment to highlight the example of a mashup that I created that is located at  I created this example writing the HTML and than uploading it directly to my website.  You are more than welcome to do the same thing if you have the time, knowledge and a place to upload the web page.  For this assignment you can make a new page in your Blog and than add all of the different items that you would like to add to it to create your mashup.

The first part of the assignment you will create a map using Google Maps between two points.  After creating the map you will want to embed it into a web page that you have created.  Next you will want to add at least three other items to the page to create your mashup.  For example, you could add your book marks from the Social Bookmarking website that you explored during the second week.