Week 1 Introduction

Welcome to the first week of the class.  The main goal for the first week is to explore different blogging software and to select one that you will use for your blog for the class.  After creating your blog could you please send me the url/link to your blog by commenting to this post or sending me an email with it.

When looking at different blogging software think about how you could use it as an individual or with a group of people.  I have just provided links to four different types of blogs in the Schedule; However, there are several others available.

I look forward to working with everyone over the next few weeks.  Please note that we will not be meeting during the week starting on Monday, November 3rd.  I will be out of town at a conference this week.

2 thoughts on “Week 1 Introduction

    1. Patrick_admin2013 Post author

      Hi Andrea,

      Thank you. I will add your blog to the navigation on the right to be included with everyone’s blog for the course.

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